MBX Testimonials

“As the owner of an event planning company, I would recommend Frank Williams to any business looking to give their employees an opportunity to gain new insights leading to a more productive life at home and at work. He gives an energetic and engaging presentation and leaves the audience feeling a renewed sense of commitment to accomplishing their personal and professional goals.” 

-Lori Newman, Senior Partner, Detail Management 


“Frank’s ability to connect with his audience and maintain their participation throughout his presence is wonderful. His sincerity and his passion to help people succeed are evident, and profoundly affect everyone who has the opportunity to hear him speak.” 

-Kathy Warren, President and COO, Bryant Staffing 

“Frank’s work targets self-discovery and personal empowerment. His energy and passion are tremendous. Frank has the natural ability to instruct and capture the audience's attention and motivate them to make positive change.” 


 -Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Nadal, United States Army Reserve  

“I have never met an individual with a more positive outlook on life and human potential. With Frank’s coaching, I have achieved incredible goals. I put myself through college and graduated with honors, completed my dream of doing a television cooking demonstration show.” 

-Joe Sheridan, Culinary Chef, Ocean City, New Jersey 

“I was a smoker for thirty-five years and even though I tried to quit many times, I was never successful. I tried the patched, the gum, counseling, and even hypnosis. Nothing helped until I met Frank. His ability to break down a major challenge into approachable tasks was the key to my success. His sincerity and enthusiasm were apparent from our very first coaching session. Thanks to Frank Williams, I am now living a smoke-free life.” 

-Ron Johnson, Piscataway, New Jersey