About Frank Williams



An MBXLIFE is a life, where the mind and the body work together to achieve excellence. As a Life Coach and Personal Trainer, my goal is to lead you, step by step to a life you love. 

My desire to help people as a Life Coach can be traced back to one defining moment. Years ago, when I was a Corrections Officer, I found myself in a dangerous situation with an inmate. We were face to face and it quickly became aggressive, at which point my options for dealing with this confrontation became very limited.


I couldn’t help but wonder how this situation could have been avoided. If only someone or something intervened in this gentleman's life at an earlier stage. If only he’d been exposed to the tools and ideas that could have helped him recognize and navigate through the twisting and bending road of life.  

 I can’t rewrite the past but I can help you, write and create an amazing future! 


                                                             -Frank Williams